The Mil Gips company is specialized in DRY CONSTRUCTION systems, i.e. plaster and montage works within the framework of finishing craft works in construction.

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Partition walls in the dry construction system provide exceptional practical solutions in construction. They represent a sandwich of gypsum cardboard plates on a metal substructure. Wall filling contains the necessary thermal insulation, as well as installations.

Wall claddings of gypsum cardboard are installed on an aluminum substructure or on more demanding occasions, on glue, so called dry plastering. If necessary, the existing walls, along with the flattening, also get better insulation properties.

Gypsum works are an indispensable part of every adaptation of sloping roofs, providing high standards of fire resistance, covering the terrace, bathrooms, and so on. Contemporary materials such as ridurit boards, aquapanel etc. are used with esteem of the prescribed standards for their installation.

Lowered ceilings are made with gypsum cardboard plates on aluminium substructure or in the AMF raster system, although there is an increasing number of modern solutions and innovative materials that conquer the market.

With high-quality made partition walls you get a perfectly flat surface with strong mechanical characteristics. The principle of dry construction allow you to apply smooth coat, paint, inlay tiles or wallpapers immediately after walls are set-up.

Gypsum is a mineral, in its composition, calcium sulphate. Its advantage is that it is easily to process. The good side is that it is cheap and the most important role is its hygroscopicity - it absorbs water. Any shape possible can be made from gypsum.

So far in the dry construction process, we encountered various types of ceilings and it is worth mentioning the Hunter Douglas ceilings as impermeable hermetic surface that can be washed - so it's ideal for outdoor climatic conditions.

Beginning with a high-quality aluminum construction in order to get the ideal flat and right surface of the ceiling system, the installation of Armstrong ceiling panels is quite simple. More details about the features and application of Armstrong AMF ceilings.

In addition to the mentioned permanent purification of air obtained by natural minerals, we will mention several basic characteristics of the rigitone ceiling. They offer exceptional aesthetics and a long range of benefits.

Protection of the objects and infrastructure from fire, with gypsum fire systems, is an important factor when designing the project and carrying out the works is in question.

Modern solutions and innovative materials.

All kinds of plaster and montage works.

Huge number of created objects.

Proper construction works and esteem of all technical standards.

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Milgips is specialized in dry construction

And finally, there are projects where the essence of gypsum works is aesthetic, accentuated sculptural character.

Unlike the previous period in architecture, where such requests were solved with molded gypsum from molds and many more, today using dry construction, with the support of good masters, every idea of the designer can be realized.

Mil Gips ideal solution in construction.

Mil Gips realizes every designer's idea.

Mil Gips all kinds of plaster and montage works.